Grandma Frosty’s Gender Neutral Nursery Reveal

April 27, 2017 in Room Reveals

When I first started this blog I thought I would have trouble coming up with projects. Turns out I have so many projects going at once I don’t even have time to blog! But I’m back and have got a great reveal for you today! For the background info on Grandma Frosty and the design plan for this project you can check out the nursery design post here. This was such a fun project and I loved being able to work with not only my mom but MY grandma, my cousin and her adorable baby! Here are the before-ish photos (they were shot at night so talk about super orange!)

This was after we had styled everything out but before my dad installed the new hardwood floors. My grandma from Oklahoma was in town so she helped us find a place for everything when the carpet was still in. It was seriously so fun doing a project with my mom and grandma. She had some great books to add to the collection – she even had one that her grandpa read to her! Ready for those after photos?

It turned out SO GOOD! I would like to commend my mom on sticking to her guns – and her beige walls. I’m the kinda gal to paint anything and everything a crisp fresh white (we even went and bought the paint!) but once we got the crib and some items in the room she wanted to leave the beige. I do have to say it looks great! Your probably wondering – but will babies and children love it? Well good thing we got our hands on the CUTEST nursery tester/model, Winnie Rae.

Winnie is 11 months old – prime age for nursery testing! She is totally on the move crawling all over, loves to get her hands on any book, animal toy, and/or real animal she can, LOVES puppies and unicorns, and of course her Great Auntie Frosty! When I asked her she was all “anything for G.A. Frost” (that’s how the kids talk these days) and checked her modeling schedule to see if she could fit me in. It was a close call between naps but she made it work great! Read more…

Currently Obsessed: Cake and Ice Cream Ice Cream

April 13, 2017 in Uncategorized

I have had this post in my drafts section all month and have been struggling to think of a fun name. Lot’s of other blogs do a “Things I’m Loving” type post but I didn’t want my current obsessions to get lost in the mix. I am planning on this being a weekly post of things I am obsessing over – think of it as a little catch-all for the fun new finds I spot on Instagram or see in a store. I decided on “Currently Obsessed” because that is what I used to describe it to my husband and really drives the overly dramatic point across. So anytime you see a “Currently Obsessed” post be sure to click through for a round up of amazing goodies and finds from my week! On to my first round up:

Cake and Ice Cream Ice Cream: No that’s not a typo – this ice cream literally has cake in it! I got it on sale (for the FuelSaver points!) from HyVee and it is SO good and cheap! JR and I’s nightly routine is currently ice cream and Friday Night Lights.

Also I have been ordering my groceries online from HyVee which is amazing but another post for another day…(and no HyVee isn’t paying me to say this….yet!)

Think Dirty App: This is a new free app I recently downloaded after reading about it on a Audrey’s blog. (And no I’m not pregnant – I just really love her blog.) I am currently in the market for some new shampoo and conditioner so if you have any recommendations send them my way!

Hanging Chairs: We are planning our next renovation and I am hoping to find some affordable chairs like these…stay tuned to see where we put them!

Kitchen By Chris Loves Julia

Kitchen Renovations: You can check out my Pinterest board here. There are so many new fun options – the stark white kitchen is no more! We are holding off to save up some cash money so it won’t be for awhile. My favorite renovation though is this one by Chris Loves Julia – completed in 6 DAYS! Insane!

Leon Bridges: Coming Home Album: If you watched Big Little Lies on HBO you know that the soundtrack was amazing. His song “River” was featured and really caught my eye ear. I am definitely contemplating buying the vinyl album – there is just something about soulful music playing on our record player that is so soothing.

Vici Collection: Any Living With Landyn followers out there? She always features this shop on insta and they have such a cute curated collection! I’m thinking I need to order something for our Palm Springs trip – I’m loving this one shoulder number!

Happy Thursday! Go out and get some sunshine! 🙂



DIY: Easy Pink Plywood Mounted Print

April 10, 2017 in DIY Tutorials


Anyone else wondering how the heck we ended up with pink plywood? Well I am still wondering too! To start off I had this map print I had purchased from Lovewell Handlettered and had been using it as the base point and color scheme for the guest bedroom – see the design plan here, see the room reveal here. I already had a hanging print in the master bathroom – see DIY here – and wanted to do something different. I had seen on Vintage Revivals that she had mounted a print on plywood for a dining room and thought how awesome would it be if the plywood was pink! We went to the store initially planning on staining a regular piece of plywood. JR headed to the back and came back a few minutes later and I was all “did they run out of plywood?” and he said they have this pink plywood back there, would you want that? Read more…

Guest Bedroom Reveal: Camp’s Emerald Haven

April 7, 2017 in Room Reveals

Ok, so I spent about three hours thinking up that headline. It sort of sounds like he is hoarding props from The Wizard of Oz in this room – maybe he’ll start! If you missed it you can check out the design plan for the bedroom here. I really wanted to do a project other than another bathroom and my husband needed a break from all of the major demo so a bedroom was a great next step. We moved from Lincoln, Nebraska to Kansas City at the beginning of February so we have quite a few visitors then before at our old house. My mom, brother-in-law, and both my sisters have came and visited already in the short time we have been here so putting together a relaxing space for them to stay made a lot of sense. I also have a pretty high maintenance puppy on my hands that loves that room – great squirrel watching – so I let him take the lead on designing the space. Sassy, right? Well it is finally done! Ready for the reveal?

Side note: We are doing an AWESOME, and I mean AWESOME giveaway for this post so be sure to check out how to enter at the bottom of this post! 

Read more…

Grandma Frosty’s Nursery Design Plan

April 4, 2017 in Design Plans

You are probably thinking what the/who the heck is Grandma Frosty. My mother had/has somewhat of a snowman obsession in the early 90s and during Christmas (let’s be real Thanksgiving) my childhood home would be filled to the brim with little Frosty the Snowman (snowmen?) We would all gather around the fireplace with our corncob pipes and sing about that jolly happy soul. Read more…

How Our Cable Bill Cost Us Our Vacation to Mexico

March 29, 2017 in Stories

Ok, so we still went to Mexico! But upon getting back from out blissful honeymoon it was time to get down to marital financial business. JR and I had never lived together before we were married so that first night after getting back from Mexico was super weird. He wasn’t going to leave – he lived with me now! So upon the merging of our lives, our bank accounts, and our (eek!) debt, it was time to make a plan. I should probably start off with the disclosure that we are sort of (mega super obsessed) Dave Ramsey followers. Also, household budgeting and spreadsheets are my jam. I have 3 spreadsheets we check twice a month and we have knocked out a substantial amount of debt in the past 10 months (I’m talking upwards of $25k!) but we can save that for another post. This is about cutting down are our monthly household expenses. Read more…

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