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September 26, 2017 in Stories

I seriously didn’t realize how off the radar I have been until I saw the date on my last post and realized it has almost been a month since I have posted! Yikes! But rest assured we have been working like busy little bees at the Happy Camp household lately. I noted a while back that August/September/October and February are my super busy months for my full time job so the blog just has to take a back seat for some of these seasons. Between now and November 5th (40 days away) I will be traveling a total of 20 days (including 2 trips to Nashville!). As much as I want to be that cool blogger typing a post whilst sipping on a chai tea gazing out over the tops of the cloud on her mid morning flight – I’m just not. 

*Does anyone else get travel anxiety? I seriously CANNOT do anything while I’m at an airport. I get super sweaty and anxious (I have zero fear of flying) about things like late checking my bag, going through security, my bags getting lost, missing my connections, and my bags not being at the baggage claim. (Obviously I should be a carry on person!) I told JR on our last trip I noticed how I transform into a crazed sweaty hot mess the second we enter the airport and he was all “I’ve noticed.” Uhhh. Ha.

BUT. We do have some exciting things coming your way. First, Financial Peace University. I have a few posts drafted about JR and I’s financial journey as a married couple so far and how we have knocked out a ton of debt in the past year – $53,737.92 to be exact. But we still have a ways to go – all you out there with student loans know the struggle. A few weeks ago we started Financial Peace University at a church in KC as a way to help us be a bit more accountable and get our momentum back. Which leads us to our next piece of news…

The main bathroom renovation. We got quite a bit off track paying off debt this summer with all the traveling we did and flipping the bathroom. It’s almost finished and needs a few final touches but once we are done I will be sure to get it up on the blog ASAP. We are nickel and dime-ing the last few things so it has stretched out the timeline a bit.

The last bit of news what I’m most excited about….

HAPPY CAMP COLLECTIVE! If you have been following along on Facebook and Instagram then you know we opened up a vintage shop to sell all our estate sale and thrift store finds a few weeks ago. We are fully stocked up and have a ton of items online. The shop is taking a short break the next week while I am out of town and also because…

We will be live in person at the Gatherings on the Blue holiday sale! The sale is a giant junk sale hosted in a gorgeous big red barn. So mark your calendars and come shop our inventory live and in person. I have lots of rugs, some major furniture scores, racks on racks of flannels, fall colored blankets and throws, some giant map prints, tons of vintage glassware and lots of other goodies. Below is all the information for the sale. If you can’t make be sure to shop via Instagram or Etsy to score a deal before the sale. I hope I see you there!

Gatherings on the Blue sale info here!

Shop online here:

Follow our new Instagram @happycampcollective for new inventory updates!


Have Happy Tuesday!!


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