10 Wedding Playlist to Solve All Your DJ Drama! 

August 28, 2017 in Stories

Our DJ didn’t show up for our wedding. Well, he showed up, but after some stern phone calls from some family members and about 4 hours late. It could have been a disaster but thanks to some good organization and some super helpful and wedding-DJ-experienced friends most of our guests didn’t even notice! One of the best ways that we avoided chaos was having some good organized wedding playlists. Note: I didn’t say wedding playlist – I said playlists! Thankfully I had all our music organized into separate folders based on time and all on good ol’ reliable Spotify so anyone and everyone easily had access from their iPhone. With our renegade DJ missing, my sister, her iPhone, and our helpful DJ-experienced friend, Colton, swooped in and saved the day. So, here are the 10 wedding playlists you need to keep your favorite jams organized for your big day!


1. Pre-Ceremony

We got married at a bed and breakfast and had both the ceremony and reception onsite. So for those of you getting married in a church you will probably need to go over this list with your pianist/organist. These are the songs that you start playing once guests start arriving. Think subtle, easy going love songs. My favorites are That’s What’s Up by Lennon and Maisy, Better Together by Jack Johnson, and You and I by Ingrid Michaelson.  Check out the link here for our pre-ceremony picks! I would be sure to plan for about 30 minutes of songs since that is when guests will start arriving.

wedding playlist

2. Ceremony

This will be a short wedding playlist but you will be so glad you have all your songs in one spot. Songs on this wedding playlist should be your processional songs (maybe 2 if you have something different for the bride and the wedding party), any songs you will have played during the ceremony, and your recessional song. Below are our picks and a link to our playlist!

Wedding Party Processional: Peace Train by Cat Stevens

Bride Processional: Here Comes the Sun by The Beatles

Ceremony Song: Holy Spirit by Francesca Battistelli (sang by my Aunt Robin)

Recessional Song: Signed, Sealed, Delivered by Stevie Wonder

3. Post-Ceremony

Post-ceremony is another wedding playlist most people don’t think of. This is the music you play after your recessional song while people are waiting to be ushered out. I went very 90s rom-com with this list and still listen to it all the time! My favorites are Best of My Love by The Emotions and It’s Not Unusual by Tom Jones. Link to this wedding playlist here! 

4. Cocktail Hour

Cocktail hour is sort of the trendy new things for weddings. Since we had everything all in one spot we had a popcorn bar, yard games, and cocktails while JR and I snuck away for some post-ceremony moments together. My faves on this list are Good Vibrations by The Beach Boys and You Can Call Me Al by Paul Simon. This is a list for those songs people love to sing but aren’t quite dance worthy. Something you want to sip a mimosa and sway to! (I’m now realizing how I have very few songs released before 1990!) Link to list here! 

wedding playlist

My brother and bestie Libby!

5. Wedding Party Entrance

I don’t have a set wedding playlist for these but I did write up some scripts with JR for each of the wedding party duo’s entrances. This proved to be super beneficial due to our missing DJ. Colton read off the scripts like a pro and it was fun to have some funny intros for our best friends. Each “couple” chose their own songs and I added them to the list with the scripts. My favorite intro was “They have a track record for skinny dipping and singing in their underwear, welcome _____ (names omitted for the sake of well…embarrassment on the internet!)” and the song was I’ve Had The Time Of My Life from Dirty Dancing. They did the lift and everything! JR and I walked into Cheerleader by OMI – one of our favorites!

6. Dining

This playlist is for songs to play while people are getting their food and eating. Also, this wedding playlist is probably the hottest mess out of all of them! Looking back through these I have no idea why I put these together. Some of the weird ones are because they are songs JR and I used to listen to when we first started dating. I thought it would be fun to have a chance to listen to them on our big day without taking up valuable dance floor time. The first year of dating tunes are Blinded by the Light by Manfred Mann’s Earth Band (we used to sing this in the car all the time!) and Miserable at Best by Mayday Parade. Link to the hot mess here!


wedding playlist

9. Classics (First Dance, Father Daughter Dance, Garter & Bouquet Toss) 

You can make a separate folder for each of these to make it super clear or file them all in one folder and have a printed sheet for which is which for your DJ. Put all the must have songs in this folder: first dance, father daughter dance, garter toss song, bouquet toss, and any other specific dances you have. Below are our picks!

First Dance: White Lightning by The Cadillac Three

Father Daugher Dance: Just Fishin’ by Trace Adkins

Bouquet Toss: Single Ladies by Beyonce

Garter Toss: You Sexy Thing by Hot Chocolate

7. Reception

Now that everyone is done eating it is time to start the party. Throw any of your favorite dance floor tunes into this wedding playlist. Our wedding party sent us some of their faves so our list is pretty diverse! We loved Footloose, Pony by Ginuwine (still dying over everyone dancing to this one) and The Way You Move by OutKast. Link to our reception music here!

wedding playlist

8. Bride Groom Faves

We did our first dance and then snuck away for our sunset photos so I made sure to add a separate wedding playlist for the songs we love the most. That way the DJ could save playing these for when we were able to get on the dance floor. I wouldn’t want to miss Drunk In Love playing while I was talking to Grandma! One of our top favorites is Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen! Since high school, JR and his best man Jesse always do the most hilarious choreographed dance to this song!

10. Do Not Play 

This wedding playlist was woefully neglected by our untimely DJ. Once he finally showed up and took over for my sister (he asked if she could stay and help him! Seriously he was the worst!) the first song out of the gate was the Cupid’s Shuffle. Check out the only TWO songs we requested not to be played because we can’t stand them… 

That’s all 10! Trust me, it helps so much to have the separated out and you can easily have your DJ access them or plug an iPhone in and hit shuffle! When you think or hear of a song you also have a quick place to stash it months before the wedding without losing track!

What are your favorite wedding songs? Anyone else have a runaway DJ?


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  • Reply Traci August 28, 2017 at 9:31 am

    It sounds like you didn’t let a little old thing 🙂 like a no-show DJ ruin your day. The best song choice I remember from a past wedding was “God Blessed The Broken Road That Let Me Straight To You.” Such a perfect choice for that particular couple. Not a dry eye.

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