Main Bathroom Design Plan: A Weird Style Mix and A Crazy Faucet

August 21, 2017 in Design Plans

We officially started our first fall renovation this past weekend by demoing out the main bathroom. We took the summer off so our budget and our backs could take a break but we are ready to hit the ground running all the way up until Christmas…I think. The debate for the next renovation project was between the kitchen and the main bathroom but due to our minimal budget the bathroom won over. I started on a design plan and laid out a budget and a timeline. To be honest, I was pretty proud of myself. For the entire bathroom (tile, grout, supplies, and decor) I only had to budget a little over $1400.

The Current Bathroom: Before Photos

This bathroom isn’t quite as bad as our master bathroom (see master bath design plan and before photos here.)  It is fairly large and has the matching tile that we have throughout the kitchen and master bathroom.

We debated on keeping the vanity and changing up the doors and/or the knobs and replacing the sink. Our love of our master bath vanity and the new/clean vibes won out and we decided instead, to get a vanity from IKEA that matches the one in the master. The tile is formatted around the current vanity so we may need to work around the size and possibly add in some trim pieces to make it work. 

For the sake of the budget I decided to keep the mirror and work the design plan around it. It’s not exactly what I would have picked but a new mirror that size would land in the $300-$500 range and put us way over budget. I’m excited for the new design style and am up for the challenge.

You can see how yellowed the tile is compared to the tub in this photo really well. We are going to paint the tile the same way we did in the master bath (see info here) but skip on painting the tub. Hopefully they will be a closer match when we are done. Also, did you notice there are no windows in this room? This room was so tough to photograph and is really dark so we also plan on updating the lights, possibly adding some more, and all white with the tiles and the walls.


After delving into the plethora of Pinterest I came up with a few images that I was vibing with. Ever since I used the velvet curtain from West Elm in the master bath my mind has just been stuck on hanging a dark blue velvet one in this bathroom.

image 1  |  image 2

I loved these two navy blue vanities and am debating on painting the vanity in this room dark blue. The contrast with the gold handles has my heart. But…I ended up getting a navy blue velvet curtain on clearance from West Elm this weekend and now am thinking that might be too much navy. What do you think?

The image on the right is Jenny from Little Green Notebook’s bathroom she just renovated for her daughters. I am really hung up on hanging a similar print from her shop but am not sure if it just quite fits… Jenny is the master of mixing different styles so I am definitely hitting up her blog for help in mixing my gold vintage mirror, modern IKEA vanity, and signature boho style all together.

image 1  |  image 2

I also have a vintage rug with navy accents I thrifted a couple months ago and have been trying to work into the plan. I love these two bathrooms and thought they didn’t sway too modern or vintage and had that perfect balance. I think I need to focus on the permanent details first (tile, vanity, fixtures) and then mix and match with decor until I find my balance.

You have to check out the link to the image on the right (link here also). Bre from TRANSFORMED this 80s bathroom. The before and afters are seriouly unreal.

Design Plan

So I still feel like my plan is still a total work in progress. I am for sure keeping the mirror and got the curtain on clearance so those two items aren’t going anywhere. We also got the vanity for “free” (story coming soon) so that is staying too – although I’m up for painting it!

Vanity | Swan Faucet | Quartz Knobs |  Rug | Curtain | Shower Faucet | Art 

I also fell IN LOVE with a faucet. Like my heart bursts with joy every time I think about it. My boss at the art gallery had these cute little cherub faucet handles at her house. They came with the house when she bought it and it was such a fun quirky detail that made such a good conversation starter. I think this bad boy is the equivalent to my cherubs. JR did not have the same heart swelling response as I did but I already ordered it so….

I’m still up in the air about the art and the rug but thankfully have a week to think about it. The rug I already have is really similar to the one in Bre’s bathroom but I think the blush one on the design plan ties the art in a bit better. It’s a weird mix but hopefully I’ll get it all figured out.

What are your thoughts? Too vintage? Add more bohemian? Go full modern minus the mirror? What about a black shower faucet instead of gold? Comment below and send me your advice!! 


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