Currently Obsessed: Pink Puppy Chow, Insta Goalz, and A Vote

August 16, 2017 in Currently Obsessed

Camp has his surgery this morning so I am a little on edge. I get so nervous and I just want to be done with it already and have him back home and healing up. I thought I would do my weekly roundup (but actually not so weekly) of a few of my recent favorite things.

I made this frosted animal cookie puppy chow recipe for the lake this weekend and it was a total hit! I think I would change the recipe a bit so maybe I’ll take a whack at my first recipe post!

I purchased this Kristen Ess shampoo and conditioner since we were on a tight budget a few weeks ago and for the cost – I really like it. It is $20 total and is an exclusive at Target.

Lion and Moana are currently on Netflix and I am obsessed. I love Moana and plan on playing it at least 4-5 more times this summer while I’m doing house chores. We also watched Lion back in June and it made me BAWL. If you are looking for a tearjerker true story drama this film is for you.

I have $40 to spend from the major points day during the Nordstrom anniversary sale and can’t decide between these two backpacks. I need something that is small that fits my laptop that I could take to a coffeeshop to work. What’s your vote? Fun? Or Fancy? 

We tried Hello Fresh last week and this week and so far so good. If you want to try it you can get the first week for $20 (3 meals for 2 people) with the code KYLISCHIL. Click here to get signed up! 

Husker football season is coming up and I am super excited about the two muscle tanks I ordered from the Taylor Wolfe Shop. I got this So Big Red tank and Tailgating Is My Spirit Animal tank.

I started following Jenna Kutcher after finding her on Instagram and have listened to quite a few of her Goal Digger podcasts. A must listen if you are a boss babe. Also her and her husband took a month sabbatical in Hawaii and have an Airbnb there – GOALZ.

JR and I love a good 30 for 30 documentary and watched the one on Eddie Aikau this past Sunday. Highly recommend along with the Celtics Lakers one and the Duke Lacrosse team one.

I have a lot of work events coming up in the next month but have been trying to write a blog post every night for the month of August as a fun challenge for myself. If you have any ideas or need someone to shop for some decor for your space send me a message and I would love to do a post!

Happy Wednesday!



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