Grandma Frosty’s Nursery Design Plan

April 4, 2017 in Design Plans

You are probably thinking what the/who the heck is Grandma Frosty. My mother had/has somewhat of a snowman obsession in the early 90s and during Christmas (let’s be real Thanksgiving) my childhood home would be filled to the brim with little Frosty the Snowman (snowmen?) We would all gather around the fireplace with our corncob pipes and sing about that jolly happy soul.


Ok, that might not be 100% accurate but probably closer than you think – my family is insane – in the best way!

So anyway, my mom – a natural blonde – has always been obsessed with her hair turning a glistening white and being a grandmother to hundreds of children. Seriously, this ladies loves babies – hide ya kids, hide ya wife baby! Hence the name Grandma Frosty! She had said it jokingly (or maybe not, we still aren’t sure) when the conversation would turn to what our kids would call our parents. We have used it to reference crazy things she will do as a grandma for the past 5+ years and it’s her name for the dogs.

“Camp is staying at Grandma Frosty’s for the weekend.” and

“Grandma Frosty? Oh she’s that lady that will pay YOU to babysit your children!”

Well lo and behold, the day has finally come! My older sister is adding a Blink-182 fan to her little tribe due in September.

So obviously we had to do what any normal family does – get a nursery ready at Grandma’s house! My cousins also have babies that live near by that my mother attempts to kidnap on a weekly basis so it also made sense to have a good place to hide watch them.

We started by deciding which room would work best to make into the nursery. She has 4 empty bedrooms since the youngest, my brother, moved out last fall. She wants to eventually dedicate one to a sewing/scrapbooking room and the other two are guest bedrooms that get a ton of use now that we live in Kansas City. One of the empty bedrooms is on the main floor so it made the most sense. You wouldn’t want to be walking up and down the stairs constantly to change diapers and check on a sleeping baby.

Photo 1 | Photo 2 | Photo 3

Since this was my first “design client” I started by having her make a shared Pinterest board and picking out things she absolutely loved. A lot of the cribs and changing tables she chose were neutral and we wanted to keep the room neutral since it will be for boy and girl eebee’s (pronouced E-Bee’s). I decided a rug would be a good place to start so I threw out a couple options until we found one that was in budget that we loved. The rug had a great broad color scheme so it made it easier to go from there. It is also super soft and a great price for the size!

We landed on a great neutral design plan and based it on an animal theme. It’s been fun for my grandma and other family members too so they can “cover” getting an animal. My grandma (the eebee’s great grandma) is getting the turtle! We have already put together as a trial and they are installing new flooring so we hope to have it put back together and finished this weekend! She is already planning some babysitting gigs to test it out! Check out the full design plan below!

We may or may not have gone overboard with the animal heads…also that pig rocker is hilarious!!


Animal Heads: Pillowfort for Target | Light Fixture: Ikea | Crib: Kohls | Curtains: Kohls in Tangerine| Rug: Urban Outfitters | Bookshelves: DIY – Pinterest | Changing Table: Kohls | Rocker: Kohls (highly recommend!) | Ottoman: Urban Outfitters | Playset: | Sheepskin: Ikea | Wild One Sign: DIY – Pinterest | Pig Rocker: Land of Nod 


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  • Reply Elisabeth April 4, 2017 at 9:24 pm

    Design 💯 also I never heard the story of how grandma frosty became grandma frosty. Writing this down for my future children’s book writing. 💁🏻

  • Reply Brit April 4, 2017 at 6:52 pm

    It’s funny how similar this is to what I want to do! I love the wooden play gyms. I’ve already got the beaded teething toys and a super cool fur rug. Now I’m just waiting on husband to build me the gym part. I loved the ottoman when I saw it at your mom’s house. I need that for my lady cave 🙂

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