DIY: Easy Pink Plywood Mounted Print

April 10, 2017 in DIY Tutorials


Anyone else wondering how the heck we ended up with pink plywood? Well I am still wondering too! To start off I had this map print I had purchased from Lovewell Handlettered and had been using it as the base point and color scheme for the guest bedroom – see the design plan here, see the room reveal here. I already had a hanging print in the master bathroom – see DIY here – and wanted to do something different. I had seen on Vintage Revivals that she had mounted a print on plywood for a dining room and thought how awesome would it be if the plywood was pink! We went to the store initially planning on staining a regular piece of plywood. JR headed to the back and came back a few minutes later and I was all “did they run out of plywood?” and he said they have this pink plywood back there, would you want that?

Obviously yes, all the yes’s! – this is why I married him folks.

It is pink because it has a moisture coating applied to it. At first I was a little hesitant about the chemicals but after a bit of research I found out it was completely safe. You can read all about it here. If your Lowe’s does not carry pink plywood you can still use regular plywood and stain it or even leave it as is.


  • Print (mine found here)
  • Plywood (pink preferred)
  • Drill (or something to make really small holes in the plywood with – hammer and nail would work too)
  • Something to measure with
  • Push Pins (large brass ones look great!)
  • Wall Hangers (similar ones found here)
  • Hammer

Start by measuring out where your print will go. I did a 3 inch border around the outer edge so I added 6 inches to each length of the print and got my plywood cut to that size – the hardware store will cut it for you. (20 x 28 Print = 26 x 34 Plywood)

Once you have your print centered, use the push pins to hold down the print. I didn’t actually puncture the print and used the edge of the push pins to hold it down. I used 8 total pins to secure the print.

All secured down! (I added two more after I took this shot!)

Next, drill two tiny holes at the top of the plywood – this is how it will hang. I did mine about and inch down and inside the plywood. You won’t even notice them so just be sure the are even so your print hangs level. I used these handy dandy quick picture hangers to secure it.

All finished! Overall it probably took me a total of 5 minutes start to finish! I think it is a great option to make a large statement piece and can be used for a fun pop of color!

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  • Reply Julia Franck April 10, 2017 at 11:49 am

    I love the pink, it looks so good!

    • Reply thehappycamp April 10, 2017 at 11:55 am

      It’s really pretty in person…hint hint 😉

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