That Time We Robbed A Sutherland’s….

March 13, 2017 in Stories

Is your heart racing already? You are probably thinking “is she is writing this from prison right now…?” and then thinking

“are you allowed to blog from prison?”

“who gave her a laptop?”

“does she bounce design ideas off of her cell mate?”

“has she already renovated her mattress into a fancy tufted prison headboard?”

I’ll stop you there…we didn’t ACTUALLY rob a Sutherland’s this past weekend but it sure felt like we did! Let’s start from the beginning on Saturday morning. We planned to spend this weekend all-hands-on-deck scrambling to get the entryway renovation completed. We needed to install the trim, add a shelf in the closet, hang the picture frames, and figure out the door situation. We had been shopping around for a new door and on Friday night we found a door at Menards that was marked down to clearance. It is important to note that we wanted a 3/4 lite door which means the window covers 3/4 of the length of the door. The area is super dark and we wanted to brighten up the space. I wasn’t super picky about the design as long as it was pretty simple and didn’t have any floral or wrought iron designs. I would have preferred something similar to the ones on the left but they were way out of our budget – they will run you upwards of $1000 – our budget was $200-400.

This is the door to be exact. The super friendly kid working the door section told us “it is my job and responsibility to let you know any door in this isle can be ordered for you in 7 days or less, usually close to 4 days, but guaranteed by SEVEN!” – he was like SUPER jacked about his job. So we thought cool – let’s go home and measure the placement of the hinges and come back tomorrow to order it.

Saturday morning we get to Menards, measurements in hand, and go to order this door. Only it’s not on the self-door-ordering-computer-thing. We go to find an associate, super-jacked-about-his-job-Jimmy was no where to be found, and have him pull up the model and he tells us it is discontinued. We weren’t necessarily disappointed, more so just irritated. All the other doors we liked had shipment dates in late March or in mid-April – we wanted this entryway finished yesterday! So we left. No plan, no options.

I had an itch to go antique shopping – I wanted a little table for keys and plants for the entryway – so I looked up a couple antique stores and estate sales. On an estate sale website I found a listing for an auction. It had exterior doors on the main photo and was a Sutherland’s going-out-of-business auction in Olathe, KS (south Kansas City). We figured what the heck – let’s see what we can find. I would like to note that my family, specifically my parents, have somewhat of an auction addiction. My parents bought their sofa and loveseat at an auction, all of my mom’s company’s office furniture, the outdoor tents for our wedding, even my dad’s truck! I told JR enroute that this was going to be fun, it was going to be a day we would remember, and we were going to GET SOME DEALS.

We get to the auction and they are running two separate bidding areas – seriously so annoying. JR goes to one and I go to the other. They were selling a bunch of hardware clasp things so I decided to take a look around to see what was left.

Auction tip: Get your bearings. Scout the deals ahead of time so you know what is available and don’t have to wiggle your way up front to see if you are interested in an item or not. You also don’t have to decided in-the-moment if you want an item or not and can give yourself time to think it over. 

I head toward the back and see a huge section of doors. What did I find, you might ask? Hidden in this stack of doors was the one and only….

I was seriously jacked on life! I texted JR to meet me in the back and told him they had “the savannah” in the doors section. We seriously lucked out – it wasn’t like there was a plethora of other exterior doors, it was this one and one other. The rest were interior or storm doors. We couldn’t believe it! We scouted out the rest of the store and then went back to where the auctioneer was.

After about an hour and a half (which is relatively short in auction time) we worked our way toward the back wall. We found a huge inventory of blinds so I looked up the windows in our 3 bedrooms and guessed on the length. I ended up getting 4 white faux wood blinds for $10/piece so fingers crossed they fit!

Auction Tip: Know the value of the item. We “thought” the door was worth around $200 since that was what we were going to spend at Menards so that was our cap price. The door knob and lock holes needed bore out so that would be an additional cost to factor in. This helps so you don’t get in over your head. It wouldn’t make sense to pay over $219.00 since we could order a door for around that price.

There was a lot that went SO CHEAP! Someone got this entire wall of lumber for $20!

They moved down to the doors and it was our time to shine. The auctioneer did “choice” which means the highest bidder get’s their choice of the doors and told us he would do “choice” twice and anyone who wanted to match that price could pick from the doors as well. After the two times they would auction off the whole lot. Two gentlemen in front of us haggled back and forth up to $125 and then BAM – we jumped in at $130 and shut that business DOWN! (auctions are literally equivalent to action movies.) We picked our choice and got “The Savannah!” The next “choice” went for $150 which usually doesn’t happen so we really lucked out!

I took some photos from the display panel to find out the actual value. Man, we got A DEAL! If you can’t read it, it’s a 9….and then an 8….and then a 3….$983! We saved $853! Over 4x our initial budget! (Obviously some of you are gonna be all, you only saved $90 since you initially were going to only spend $220…just let me have my win!) It is a Masonite door which is a really great brand and it was fiberglass (the Menards one was steel) so that meant we could bore the holes in the door ourselves.

The blinds were a great value too. We saved about $217 on them! Overall, it was a great day, we had so much fun and got some great deals and a great story! We also got to see two ladies viciously haggle over the Ceasarstone quartz display…they went up to like $90! Here is the winner taking her beloved stand out to her car.

Hopefully you found that as much of a rush as we did! An awesome DIY tutorial will be coming up on Thursday and the entryway reveal is next week! Stay tuned by signing up for our newsletter at the top of our page or liking our Facebook page for updates on new posts!

Happy Monday!

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  • Reply Carol Douty March 14, 2017 at 5:40 am

    What a day! Almost as if God had it planned!

  • Reply Kathi Schildt March 13, 2017 at 8:44 pm

    Only thing I hate about this entire blog entry – that I wasn’t with both of you!!!


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