Design Plan: Emerald Green Guest Bedroom

March 23, 2017 in Design Plans

Today I have some pretty exciting news…I have my second design client! My first client is a real actual person from Nebraska who had me design and renovate a room in their house. The room is a special very specific type of room that I’m not allowed to tell you about for another 15 or so days. How’s that for suspense?

But my second design client fortunately lives pretty close by. I would say he is a fairly manly man with an appreciation for thoughtful decor and prioritizes comfort over anything else. His favorite color is green and he loves a mix of modern and vintage.

Meet Camp, a 21 year old (in dog years), work-from-home management executive. Although he may look like he’s at the top of his game he is actually a huge slacker in the work-ethic department (I’m surprised he hasn’t got fired yet.) He spends his days lounging on his bed at home taking naps and intermittently barking at the UPS man. When he’s working (which is never) he likes to take long lunch breaks in the backyard – he really appreciates nature and requested I bring as much life into the room as possible.

His goals for the room were to make it friendly, bright and relaxing. The room is only utilized for daytime naps and doubles as a guest bedroom when visitors come by. He also is super broke (not surprised) and asked that I stay on a budget of $500.

I started by finding the “let’s be adventurer’s” map in my office. Piper at Lovewell Handlettering had a sale a while back so I snagged one since it was a great price. It has a great color palette so I decided I would use that for the whole room.

We had bought our entry way pendant light at World Market a couple weeks ago and I could not get this emerald green headboard out of my head! It totally matched the map color palette so I figured I might as well get it. Also, it is tufted velvet and JR and I have a white tufted velvet headboard in our bedroom and I feel like everyone always comments on it. Why not get one for our guests to lay their pretty little heads on! I signed up for their rewards program and got an additional 15% off – score! I also bought a gold light fixture that was marked on clearance.

Then, for the budget’s sake, I “went shopping” in our basement full of estate sale furniture.

I have this great mid-century blue chair that had been out of commission until JR fixed the arm and it matches great with the blue on the map. I also had the pink pintuck pillow from Urban Outfitters and a pink rug similar to the one in the design plan. For as much furniture as I have I did not have a dresser or a desk and I felt like I need something to offset the bed. I scoured a few estate sales one day and snagged a mid-century dresser for $25! I also got two small round side tables for $3/piece! More on my finds on another day.


Overall, Camp really liked what I put together. His main concerns were how long he would have to be out of the room for painting and how many naps he would miss until the room was ready. His Aunt and Uncle are coming from Nebraska next week so I need to stay on schedule and get this room whipped into shape. He is apparently super bossy when it comes to renovation projects.

He is a real killer when it comes to side eye. Look for an update next week!


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  • Reply Guest Bedroom Reveal: Camp's Emerald Haven | the happy camp April 7, 2017 at 11:39 am

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  • Reply Kathi Schildt March 25, 2017 at 7:56 am

    I can’t wait to come visit again. Love the map!! Secret room reveal – that is sooo exciting! 😀😎

  • Reply Julia Franck March 24, 2017 at 10:55 am

    The plans look so good! I can’t wait to see it when it is finished!!

  • Reply Kelsey March 23, 2017 at 8:19 pm

    Kylie jo! You are so talented! Love all the remodels you have done to your house so far! 😘

    • Reply thehappycamp March 23, 2017 at 9:18 pm

      Thanks Kels!! I’ll keep them coming! 🙂

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