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February 8, 2017 in Design Plans

Essentially the only room in our new KC home that will go untouched is the garage so we figured we better get a move on with the renovations. I figured during my month off of work we should tackle one of the more labor intensive projects so we got started on the master bathroom.

The bathroom is small and definitely dated. It is only about 45 square feet. There was a lot that had to go but to keep it on the affordable side there were some things that had to stay. Our budget was $1000 and there was a lot we wanted to do.

The tile behind the sink and inside the shower was in great shape but a little grimy. It would have taken days to demo it out and probably $500 in tile to redo the shower so we decided to do a tub and tile refinishing kit. The shower door of course had to go. I hate cleaning them and it hid the great tile behind it.

New flooring was another must. It’s always a little nerve-wracking tearing up the floor and not knowing what is underneath. It is an old home so there is a chance there is asbestos which would mean we would have to figure out something to do on top of the vinyl.

JR mentioned the idea of moving the toilet to where the closet is to gain some coveted counter top space. He brought this up while walking into IKEA to buy the vanity – great timing bud… If you know me you know I can’t stand double vanities. I take up ALL the countertop space and have a terrible habit of laying my curling iron in the sink. We looked up some quotes and it would cost us upwards of $2k so we nixed that idea quickly. The closet is also huge so storage would not be an issue at all and we would lose all that space if we moved the toilet.

There is great lighting and a good sized window but it is still small so we want to make the space feel as large as possible. The plan was to do lots of white and a few colorful accents but mainly keeping it simple.

I started by going on Pinterest and pinning different bathrooms I really liked. After a while I scrolled back through the board and picked out some common denominators – persian rugs, lots of white walls, hexagon/statement tile, black faucets, and gold accents.

I was surprised by how much black was in the final board because I hardly every use black unless its in an accent pillow or on a decor item.

I shopped around and priced out a few items and then put together an inspiration board. I then started an excel spreadsheet to make sure I stayed on budget.

shower faucet / shelving / sink / sink faucet / vanity / countertop / handles / tile / rug

Everything came in around $1000 including a new toilet. I budgeted a little extra because I am still on the hunt for a mirror and lighting. I also wanted to try my hand at sewing my own shower curtain. The shower faucet was exactly what I wanted but JR didn’t think it would work with our current plumbing so still on the hunt for that as well. Look for updates on the final reveal!

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