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February 24, 2017 in Design Plans

So we finished up our master bathroom last week and I have been itching to get started on the next project. We still have a pretty small budget and wanted to tackle a room that was more renovation then decor but didn’t break the bank. The entry way seemed like a great next space to start on.

The entry way is a decent sized space compared to the 4×4 foot area in our old house. It was one of the areas I was most excited about when we bought the house. I hated walking straight onto the wood floors in our old home and immediately having to wipe up any snow/water/mud and having people feel like they needed to take their shoes off right away. I love the size of the space, the white trim, the pocket doors, the closet doors and their brass handles. We also decided to get a new door and a new light fixture. My goals for designing this area is to be a little risky – it’s not a space we are in a lot so it’s fun to do something a little “punchy” and have it be super welcoming and fun. I want guests to be wow’d when they come over in a “OMG I would have never picked that but it looks so amazing” way and not a “I love it but it’s not something WE would ever do” way. That probably sounds like I care WAY to much what people think but in a way I do. Other people’s opinions are good gauge for resale which is important if we are spending money. If this was our “forever” home I probably would have already ordered the crazy bunny tile I’ve been eyeing.

My initial plan was to lay a really cool printed mosaic tile, add a cool new lighting fixture, white walls and minimal art. I started pricing some tile and soon learned my favorites were a bit out of budget -more like our entire budget. I also was nervous about picking something too trendy and having new buyers hate it – I LOVE tile #3 but everyone I showed it to gave it a quick “no.” It needs to dance on the line of something I love but something that also matches the style of the house, the pocket doors, and the age of the home. We are planning on being in this home for 3-5 years so it’s important that we love it but also need to make wise investment decisions. Thoughts? If you were buying a home and saw one of this tile prints would you scream and run away?

Tile Plans

Door | Light | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

After feeling a little discouraged on the tile front I started looking at other options to give that “punch” without breaking the bank. The space is hard since there isn’t a real focal point. The wall space is minimal and there isn’t really an area for a bench or “mudroom” type built in. I remembered Young House Love’s hallway in their current house and what an amazing transformation the wainscoting made so I looked into some fun options for that. The wainscoting would also match the style and age of the home really well. I think I would do something that was more shoulder level height so it makes the room seem taller and bigger.

Young House Love’s Hallway Remodel

I loved a lot of the half wallpaper/half wainscoting rooms I found and started pricing some wallpaper. I expected to find something I was immediately obsessed with but still didn’t feel like I found “the one” although I really do love option #7 below. Wallpaper was on the much more affordable side but was still a $400-500 investment. What if I install it and end up hating it? I looked at a lot of removable options too so it would make more sense for resale. I would hate if someone walked in to buy our house and all they saw was a big wallpaper removal project.

Wainscoting Wallpaper Plan

Door | Light | White Hex Tile | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

The last option was to do some type of DIY wallpaper/print. I found a few online and think they look great in the room but I am sometimes (always) not the most patient person when it comes to detail oriented projects. I am obsessive of the details but if it seems like it’s taking hours I get a little out of whack and start to rush the job. This would be the most cost effective option but I’m not sure I would like it forever – which maybe that is OK since it would be on the cheap side and easily removable.

Affordable DIY Plan

Door | Light | White Hex Tile | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

What do you guys think? High Impact Tile, Wallpaper & Wainscoting, or a Daring DIY?

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  • Reply Grandmabecky February 24, 2017 at 5:29 pm

    That has always been a favorite color and I am a big one for wainscottting. Altho Grandpa and I would stick with our real wood. 🙂 Just us. We live on the EDGE!

    • Reply thehappycamp February 24, 2017 at 5:39 pm

      I feel like I want to live on the edge!! Is it worth the extra $$$ though?? Ugh!

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