DIY: Wood and Rope Poster Frame

February 20, 2017 in DIY Tutorials

Happy Monday! I hope you all got outside this weekend – 70s in February! Unbelievable! We finished up our bathroom last week so be sure to check it out if you haven’t yet. I got a couple inquiries about how I made the wood frame so I thought I would share a SUPER quick DIY with you today. But first, the winner of the bathroom reveal giveaway!

And the winner is….Elisabeth! Congrats! This will look awesome in your house! Thanks to all who entered! I think I might do a giveaway for every reveal! Thoughts?

On to the DIY!

You guys, I had a serious art emergency. One of the reasons we started the blog was a way to help us be more deadline conscious of our renovations. We wanted to get them completed and not have a project strung out over a period of months. Let me tell you – design plans and deadlines make decision making WAY easier. We had the deadline of last Thursday and I was in a hurry to find some art for one of the walls. I had a DIY woven rope project that didn’t turn out exactly like I had planned so I was in a scramble. We missed our Thursday deadline so I ended up sharing a bathroom renovation from Vintage Revivals. Mandi has a great little shop on her blog where I found the perfect print for $9! I have seen these frames all over Pinterest and had some extra wood from our shelves so it worked out perfectly!


Art Print or Photo

Square or Ruler


Stapler or Screws (use 3/4″ screws if you want to be able to change out your print)

Drill with corresponding drill bit (my rope was pretty thick so I used 1/4 in drill bit.)

Rope (I used clothesline rope from Home Depot, I would suggest getting 3x the width of your print. 30 in print = 90 inches of rope)

2 or 4 Wood Planks (use 4 planks if you want to be able to change out your print)

I used extra planks from our IKEA shelves and they were SUPER thick. They match in that room but if I were to make another one I would use something thinner. I would suggest something 1.5 in. wide by 0.5 in. thick. The length depends on your print. I would add an inch to your print size for the length. See sizes below: 

8×10 Print = 11 in x 1.5 in x 0.5 in 

11×14 Print = 12 in x 1.5 in x 0.5 in (these look like a good size)

20×30 Print = 31 in x 1.5 in x 0.5 in (this is the size of my print)

Depending on the look you want you may have to stain or paint them – the ones I used were already finished.

Start by marking your planks. Mark 1/2″ inside of each of the boards and then 3/4″ in from the bottom of the board. Do this to both of the ends of 2 of the boards. (Change the dimensions depending on your size of print! I was working with a 20×30)

You should end up with a box like this on both planks. The square depicts where the edge of your print will go.

Next, on one (two if you are using 4 planks) of the planks drill your two holes for your rope. I drilled them 2″ inside of the ends of the planks and in the center of the board. Change the depth if you are using a smaller print.

Now you are ready to put your print in. My print cost me $9 to print at Sam’s Club and I was in a hurry so I stapled mine directly on to the board. Other DIY’s I have found said to use glue but I think staples work just as well if not better – no mess! If you have an expensive print or special photo you can’t duplicate I would recommend sandwiching your print between the two additional planks and stapling or using screws around the outside of it.

Once you staple the top and the bottom the back of the print should look like this.

Now you are ready to tie in your rope. I knotted one side and the threaded the other side through and had my husband hold it up so I could visualize how far down I wanted it to hang. Once you have it where you want it knot the other side and then cut the excess rope off.

That’s it – it is all ready to hang! This is a great option if you have an odd sized photo or print or an exceptionally large one like mine. Frames can be expensive and I liked the casual look it has compared to the frame. The rope also adds a fun bohemian touch.

Looking for some great prints? Here are some great resources:

Vintage Revivals | This is where I bought my Red Rocks print. She has some great moon prints in the shop right now!

Urban Outfitters | They always have a wide variety of some great artists and are pretty affordable.

Lovewell Handlettering | Piper did the handlettered signs for my wedding and has an awesome etsy shop! I love the big map prints! If you are in KC she has a few in Goldie and Myrtle’s in the West Bottoms.

Ashley Crawford | Ashley was the photographer for our wedding. She adds photos from her trips to her shop pretty often. I have the Volkswagen and red truck one! Still looking for the perfect place to hang them.

Bezalel and Babel | Jessyca had a shop at Junkstock in Omaha last fall and I bought a few of her prints. She has some pretty funny dish cloths  in her shop as well.

Happy Shopping!

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