Life Update: We’re Moving!

January 10, 2017 in Stories

There has been serious radio silence over here so I figured I needed to post a life update. I started this blog this fall thinking we were finally going to start getting into a routine and settle in to married life – HA! We had thrown around the idea of moving for several months and “decided” that now was not the right time. We needed to focus on paying off debt. We had great jobs, a great house and loved our neighborhood. We would talk about it again in a couple years.

The following week JR randomly – and I mean random! – applied for a job in Kansas City. It was one of those job alerts that all he had to do was click “Apply” and off his resume went. One hour later he got a call to set up an interview. Two days later he had a job offer. It was on a Friday so he told them he would take the weekend to think about it. We drove down to Kansas City Saturday morning and ended up staying overnight and not getting home until 11:30 on Sunday! (Thank goodness for our KC pals having a place for us to crash).

After a few in-the-car meltdowns while driving and looking at houses we decided to give it a go and take the big leap! He counter offered (so nervewracking/exciting/grownup!) and then accepted the job on Tuesday. This was around mid-December. We told our close family and friends but decided to hold off on any big announcements until we had our moving plans more set in stone.

Throughout the next few weeks we listed our house for sale, tirelessly searched for homes in KC, and finally made an offer on a home in the North Kansas City area. JR started his job the first week of January and we officially move on January 30. I am still finishing up my job in Lincoln and will start the job hunt in February.

Some new changes that I am excited for that relate to this space is sharing some new home renovations. Our new home is pretty outdated so there is a lot of areas I will get to put my own spin on. I have also had a lot of questions about our home buying process and how we did everything so I hope to do a couple posts on that as well.

This has all been such a big overwhelming change but we are very excited about the new opportunities and adventures coming our way!

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