6 Must Visit Restaurants in Nashville

November 9, 2016 in Travel

I recently got back from a trip from Nashville and for those who know me know I am an obsessive trip planner. I scour Yelp and Pinterest for the top restaurants and dream about whichever featured dish is mentioned until we are actually sitting at the bar ready to order (we usually have to sit at the bar because they’re so busy because they are so good!) One of my top priorities on this trip was especially food since I was traveling with a girlfriend and not my husband – the picky eater! We only made it to a handful of my mile long list but let me tell you they were amazing.


Biscuit Love

This was our first stop upon our arrival into Nashville. We had been up since 5:00 a.m. and to say we were hungry would be an understatement. We had blowouts scheduled in The Gulch area and Biscuit Love was located a few blocks away. There was quite a line so we opted to sit at the bar with the big Nashville sign right behind us. I ordered the Wash Park burger and Tiffany ordered the Southern Benny. Seriously….so amazing! A great spot for bloody mary’s and brunch when you are in town.


Butchertown Hallunnamed-1

Butchertown Hall wasn’t on my initial list but was recommended to us by the lovely ladies at Vinnie Louise, a small boutique in the 12 South neighborhood. The gal described it as a restaurant that makes you feel like you are being hugged – uhhh I’m there. The design and decor of this place was perfection. It had pretty moody lighting and was late in the evening so it was hard to snag a good pic so you’ll have to trust me. The food was a mix between tacos and BBQ. Tiff and I both opted for the brisket plate and did not leave disappointed! The sides were amazing and if you don’t like brussel sprouts this is the place to start trying them!


The Treehouseunnamed

On our way back from the conference we ended up in the East Nashville area so we started heading to Five Points Pizza. There was a 30 minute wait so I checked my map as luck would find it we were a block away from The Treehouse. We didn’t try the food, only got a couple of drinks. Tiff got the Placebo and it was awesome. I’m not a cocktail kind of girl and went with a beer but would have traded her in a heartbeat. We didn’t get to go up in the actual treehouse – it seats parties of 6 – but they had a cute beer garden area in the back. It had a very fun vibe and would be great to go for drinks or for dinner.


Five Points Pizzafive-points-pizza-92-1024x682

After our stop at The Treehouse we headed over to Five Points Pizza. They have a restaurant area and then a quick “to-go” area with a small high top table along the wall. Since we both ended up ordering a slice I think we would have been fine stopping in the to-go area. We ordered a full order of garlic rolls (we could only eat half!) and then each got a slice of pepperoni. Both were awesome! And my meal of garlic knots, pizza, and a drink was only $7! Can’t beat that!


Acme Feed & Seedacme_jgnp-interiorshots-2014-50191-517x310

This was also a recommendation from the ladies at Vinnie Louise and also happened to be on my list. We could NOT stop raving about this place the entire night. If you are planning on hitting up the honky tonks on Broadway plan on heading here first for dinner. For those familiar with Barry’s in Lincoln, Acme has a similar layout. The first level has a big stage and is where you can order from the non-sushi menu. The second level has a sushi bar and lots of lounge seating, similar to Blue Sushi in the Old Market in Omaha. The top level is an outdoor bar where you are treated to a stunning view of the Nashville skyline. I would suggest ordering the hot chicken sandwich with sweet potato fries. As for drinks – you can’t go wrong with the infamous “Mule Kicker!”

Pinewood Socialunnamed-3

A square copper-top bar. Giant booths surrounding the edge fit for a brunch with a bunch of girlfriends. A long dining table for the coffee shop nomads looking for a place to work. Lounge areas that look like they were plucked straight out of an Anthropologie magazine. This is just the dining area! They have a fully functioning vintage bowling alley, bocce ball, an outdoor wading pool and more! We sat at the bar brainstorming buildings in Lincoln where we could open our own. As for food – you can’t go wrong with the fried broccoli!

Other recommendations include Las Paletas for popcicles, Five Daughter’s Bakery, Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream, Barista Parlor, Pancake Pantry, and Loveless Cafe! Starving yet? Start trip planning today!

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